Obligation-Free IT

No monthly minimum hours of support!  Your support costs are calculated only for what is utilized. We will negotiate a flexible service level agreement with you in order to set the expectation for the on-demand services. This allows for a considerably lower IT spend for your company.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cloud Services & Hosting
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Project & Design Services
  • Computer / Endpoint Support & Deployment

Senior IT Support

Who Benefits Mostly From This Support Model?

Can your current IT support model handle your users and projects that require high-level technicians without spending a fortune? With us you get access to multiple senior IT support resources, right now. Based on past performance with our clients, our senior IT support team can cost significantly less than employing even one full-time IT support personnel.

Common Clientele:
  • Businesses without dedicated IT support staff
  • IT helpdesks/servicedesks
  • Staffing firms with short-term projects/needs

Refreshing Operating Principles

Our mission and business philosophy is simple: our IT support resources are available on-demand for a fraction of the cost.


Each team member is passionate about building relationships with our unique customers, solving problems, and implementing solutions that make sense for your operating budget and requirements.

Do you need additional assurance that this support model will work for you? For referrals, and to learn more, contact us today!

Gain Access To The IT Experts On-Demand

Stryke, Inc. utilizes senior IT experts that are available for you on-demand that respect your time and budget to help lower your IT costs, provide IT technology enablement, and leverage flexible solutions.

With us, you will only pay for what you use with no monthly support minimums or obligations.

IT is our passion and specialty, not a hobby or secondary offering. Our team consists of only senior IT support technicians with each member having over 10 years of diverse experience in IT. We respect your time and budget and will implement solutions to resolve issues timely and professionally.